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The portfolio of Brandon Pass is a selection of work over the past 16 years from locations all over the country; Asheville, New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Old Greenwich and Charleston.  These projects range from small scale installation art, single family residences upward to multi-unit residential developments, high-end commercial & retail spaces and large-scale institutional projects.

The scope of Brandon Pass’ work provides a unique professional experience for an Asheville architect where modern design has continually been influenced by regional vernacular sensibilities.  Brandon Pass Architect has always allowed the power of place, materiality and culture to guide the design process of the built form where environmental, social and contextual factors shape each insertion into a given landscape.  A new form of architecture rooted in time and place can result from the intersection between modern technologies with the traditional hand-crafts and vernacular influences of place, materiality and culture specific to the western North Carolina mountains to  establish a clear and true Asheville modern architecture.

Projects indicated as associated works are projects where Brandon Pass has contributed significantly to the overall design and management for the offices of Dirk Denison Architects in Chicago, David Hotson Architect & Lynch/Eisinger/Design, both in New York City.  For further documentation or information regarding these projects I strongly encourage you to visit my friends who were so gracious and trusting in my abilities and whose guidance has been instrumental in my architectural trajectory.